Devlin Malcolm

Devlin Malcolm uses his powerful lungs and unique sound to his ability. High notes, low notes, anywhere in between, the possibilities are endless for him, but his specialty is the art of the scream.

Andy Miller

Andy Miller's agility and vibrant imagination is what drives this band wild. Between Andy's "fancy footwork" and ability to improvise he's a prodigy hard to come upon.

Cory Carlyle
Lead Guitar

Cory Carlyle has the amazing ability to listen to something and learn it with in a matter of minutes. Cory's contribution to this band has helped greatly. He's talented and passionate. A great combination.

Chelsea Midgette

Chelsea Midgette has to be one of the most dedicated selfless musicians on this Earth. Between Chelsea's years of experience and her drive to touch people with her music, she becomes what everyone dreams their favorite musician would be.

Sean Robeson
Rhythmic Guitar

Sean Robeson contributes a certain spunk to the band. Sean's skills just go with the flow and tend to follow with the beat of the drum. He's most certainly easy to work with and willing to learn new things every day.

Jake Padgett

Jake Padgett is some kind of halarious. The personality he brings to this band is ridiculous, but what's more insane than his personality is his skills on the bass. Jake Padgett brings new meaning to the term "Slappa de bass".

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